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Solar TLC offers locally operated premium solar panel cleaning services in Bendigo and Central Victoria. We are your dedicated Solar Panel Cleaning technicians. You have invested your hard earned  money to reduce your power bill and carbon footprint, so let Solar TLC ensure you gain your highest return. Dirty solar panels can reduce performance by up to 25%. On average this can add up to $90.00 a month! So the extra savings can pay for the clean itself, and keep your system preforming at it’s peak.

About Us

With 20+ years experience combined in the solar industry, our service is second to none. We are a family run business, local to Bendigo.  Being a local business, we can work in with your busy schedule. We understand the importance of reducing electricity bills, for our customers who are pensioners we provide a discounted price to provide an affordable service. Check out our monthly specials to save you more.


It’s important that solar panels are kept in a good condition and regularly cleaned. Solar’s dirty little secret has led many to believe solar panels do not need any maintenance to achieve quoted panel performance, panel manufacturers and common sense tell us this is not the case . Our customers in Bendigo and Central Victoria are amazed at the increased performance of their solar systems as the cost of the clean is quickly recovered with the increased power production.

Team TLC

Our team of technicians are trained to clean both Solar Power panels and Solar Hot Water panels. They are highly skilled in dealing in high-level situations where access is only suitable for professionals. Additional services include our Visual Inspection Report (covers Powercor obligations), cleaning skylights, gutters, windows and repairing broken tiles are some of the extra services we offer. Ask us on site about our extra services.

Our Testimonials

“Very happy with the results, will recommend friends and family. Surprised how dirty they were, increased my KW output by 25% – as promised.  the information provided on site was exceptional”

Graham Thomas from Golden Square

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