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Hang on.. you mean I just spent a fortune on my solar power system and now I have to clean them!!

The simple answer is yes! Your purchase of solar panels represents a significant investment and requires some maintenance. When solar panels become dirty their ability to produce power can decrease by up to 25%. Click here to see the recommended maintenance schedule for your Solar PV system.

Ok, so how do my solar panels get dirty?

Tree sap, bird poop, dirt, bat poop, soot, cement dust, brick dust, insects and even cat prints are the most common offenders. Overnight moisture and rain on the panels that dries quickly in the sun can also leave water spots. In our climate, dust storms and the changing weather conditions ensure that the dust gets rock hard and usually takes a lot of elbow grease to fully remove.  During our Visual Inspection report we can show you the before and after output of your inverter, to show the boost in solar production. This is just one of the many ways we can show you the improvement right there and then on site.

So what if they’re dirty, does it make a big difference?

It sure does. anything that stops sunlight being absorbed into the panels will decrease the amount of electricity that can be produced. This decrease will impact your energy savings. Click here to see results – a solar panel cleaning company based in the UK and their exciting findings.

Can I clean the Solar Panels myself?

Some people are comfortable being up on a roof but most aren’t… it is extremely dangerous when you have cleaning tools, a water hose and a pitched roof to contend with. “I’ll do it from the ground” I hear you say, have you ever tried to wash your car from 5 – 10 meters away? I say leave It to the professionals Solar TLC. Our ‘special water’ is also a major factor on how we get your solar panels spot free, just using a hose connected to town water will not clean your panels to the same high standard that Solar TLC can due to the TSD (total dissolved solids) in town water.

My guttering system has rain water tanks attached, will your cleaning method affect my rainwater?

No, we bring our own highly purified and oxygenated water to your home. Our water has passed through a series of processes to purify, and is completely safe. We do not use any chemicals or soaps on your solar panels. Manufactures recommend not using any harsh soaps or chemicals on your panels as this can affect the thin film protecting your panels.

Will cleaning the solar panels void my warranty?

No, manufactures recommend regular cleaning of your Solar Panels, In fact Suntech Australia have informally endorsed Solar TLC’s cleaning process.

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“Very happy with the results, will recommend friends and family. Surprised how dirty they were, increased my KW output by 25% – as promised.  the information provided on site was exceptional”

Graham Thomas from Golden Square

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