Our Solar Panel Cleaning Service

As a specialist solar panel cleaning company, Solar TLC currently provides residential & commercial solar panel cleaning to clients around the country. Our eco-friendly yet super effective approach is appreciated by environmentally conscious homeowners with a discerning eye for great results and customer service.

No Job Too Big or Too Small

We are also able to carry out commercial solar panel cleaning for businesses that save on electricity costs the smart way- with solar panels. Our teams have the equipment and resources to tackle even the biggest commercial jobs, and we will happily provide a competitive quote on any cleaning job. Ask us about our flexible service options, such as out of hours cleaning and regular scheduled cleans.

The Solar Panel Cleaning Process

Solar TLC uses highly purified and oxygenated water, provided by a state of the art ‘Reverse Osmosis’ de-ionising filtration system. The water is supplied by us. This ensures perfect cleaning results and is safe for your solar panels, water storage tanks and the surrounding environment. We are proud to be leading other solar panel cleaning companies in terms of an efficient, eco-friendly and self contained approach to the process.

Solar TLC uses professionally designed water fed telescopic pole made specifically for solar panel cleaning. It has a scratch free brush, ensuring a crystal clear result every time without the worry of any damage to your panels. There is no risk of runoff from your roof or in guttering. And the best part? You don’t have to climb on the roof and do it yourself!

If you’ve never had your solar panels cleaned before, book now! You could be losing up to 25% of your potential solar power – get it back with the help of Solar TLC.


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  Why Choose Solar TLC?

· We supply our own highly purified water and never use chemicals or soaps

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· Solar TLC’s cleaning process approved by Major Panel manufacturer

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· Locally operated, highly skilled technicians, fully insured

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· Residential and Commercial Solar Panel Cleaning

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· Visual Maintenance Inspection (Covers Powercor regulatory obligations)

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Our Testimonials

“Very happy with the results, will recommend friends and family. Surprised how dirty they were, increased my KW output by 25% – as promised.  the information provided on site was exceptional”

Graham Thomas from Golden Square

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